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:confused Does anyone out there know where a person can get a helmet airbrushed to his or her liking form great lakes area and beyond:mad
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humm not that I know of in the a search over on SBN there was some place in (??? Hawaii) that did some kick ass paint jobs
I can check and see who a buddy of mine used for his harley, its awesome.
I did my own a few years ago. Want to get a good compressor (at least a 7hp 175psi w/30gal tank), good HVLP guns and a good airbrush and start doing bikes on the side (racebikes mainly at first for practice). There is a guy around here that dos helmets, HD's and such. Theres a guy who I worked with at Geneva Vans who airbrushes helmets damn good. His names Chris and lives somewhere near Antioch area is all I know. I dont remember his last name though.
Well if going up to Rockford is ok then there is a guy with a T-shirt shop in the Cherry Valley mall. Had my tank done there. Very respectable pricing and just ask the guys here, he did an excellent job. Dont have any pics here at home, but will post one tommorrow from work.

Damn, I had a really cool guy that was in INdiana, and had a kick ass web page, but I can't find the link. I'll have to check when I get home!

Here is a top view of the airbrush job the Rockford guy did. Total cost was $125. But..... I had the tank prepped and clear coated afterwards by another guy painting the tank black.
There is a guy in Aurora or Montgomery who does it too.
He goes by twistedspeed on SBN.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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