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Andy cond

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If anyone wants to call me about andy im at 847-409-7942
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incase anyone is wondering this is ed, mike in fl mentioned anyone looking for info can call him too....thats what i think he is trying to say here....but if he is looking for info i am gonna call him anyway., just thought ill let you guys know so it osnt confusing.

aslo ed was at 1 of the partys at chris's house a while back, incase no one remembers.
ok i called ed here..and we talked, he was looking to pass on any info he heard as well,

the report i posted to the other thread is true, spinal cord was cut, (he is going to be paralized) broken collar bone, left side chest (i guess the lung) was collasped, and some broken ribs, him and his father are taking care of andys stuff, and attending family issues to get andys stuff in order with his belongings , bikes cars, etc..

right now he is still knocked out on drugs and they plan to keep him that way for all the extreme pain he might be going threw.

later guys
Man this sux. Dont know what to say. Your still in my thoughts and prayers Andy.
:( I'm at a total loss for words. :(
Very disconcerting news, although, perhaps someone would have more insight into the strides the medical community have made toward spinal repairation. I thought (with the help of Chitopher Reeves) they were close...

I pray the comfort of the Lord be with Andy and his family durning this difficult time in theirs lives. I pray also that the rest of use will be safe while we continue to ride. May the spirit of the Lord be with us all and keep us all.

I am at a lose of words also. Lord have mercy on our souls.

Although Andy and I didn't exactly get along very well... I would never wish him or anyone else this. I'm sorry that it happened.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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