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Another question for my old pals?

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I'd like to get a two pice lether suite,

But number one, I can't find them anywhere up here in MN to check out/try on, yet at least.

As far as catalogs go, I like the Joe Rocket High Side and one Tecknic suite that I can't recall the name of, its comparable in cost to the Joe Rocet.

So, all you guys, and gals with leathers, how'd you go about finding yours and getting sized for it? Any thoughts on Joe Rocket vs teknic?

I guess this is kind of a stupid question since your all down there and I'm up here, but hey its worth asking.

Thanks all.
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I got my JR High Side thru Tried on a pair at a local shop. Im a big guy so they are hard to come by.
No doubt about it there are as many brands of leathers as there are cows! At the rider's meeting on Saturday, Alexa of Spyder Leathers in Milwaukee was asked which suits appeared to hold up the best.

Teknic was specifically mentioned among the brands of suits she sees most frequently for repairs. :( And while Joe Rocket seems to be in all the shops, I have heard mixed reviews concerning durability.

When asked which she thought were among the best, she replied, "Vanson". Of course, they are some of the more expensive suits.

Being female and not-so-petite, I had to go the custom route and chose Syed's entry-level racing suit ($800, fully-armored, one color). I was fitted in their shop in Orlando (we were down there for Biketoberfest), the suit arrived in 6 weeks and has been wonderful. Anna purchased her suit from Syed as well.

Next year, when I can afford it, I'll go back to Syed for a 2-piece to wear on the street.
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