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Another river run Sun, July 7th.

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Tim and I are planning another run on the following Sunday. Shorter this time. Same route, but instead of heading north at Galena we will just head west and down from Dubuque(sp). We might do the stagecoach trail a couple of times. Ron, Mike, Brian, Jeremy, Steven, Layne: hope all of you guys can make it again. Here is the link to the pics from last time. J
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OOOPs forgot rules

Might as well get into the good habits. For those of you interested, We ride fast. We break speed limits. We take responsibility for ourselves and the guys who are with us. No sharing lanes. No endangering the local widelife, or pedestrians, or old ladies out for Sunday drives. If we get crazy, we do it where we are only putting ourselves at risk. If you are unsure of your abilities we won't push you, we will wait for you at designated areas, but please don't be offended at our speeds. Guys? Enough said? Chime in anytime. J

Was a most excelent ride last time.. but alas.. I am bound for NC on the forth.. might have to take a look at what people call the dragon while I am down that way..

Will catch yall again I am sure.. Tell Tim he needs to boost the Black bird a lil.. or just keep the nick name black hawk down..

he he he
Count me in J-man. I had a ball last weekend. I, too, want to head south a ways. Some nice roads and scenery down towards Savanna. Counting the days !!
Can't make it: White Sox game.

:( That really sucks. I had a blast last time. Maybe if you could make it Saturday? Otherwise, I'll catch you next time around.

About the speeding thing, I have no problem tearing it up in the twisties in the middle of nowhere, but on the interstates and straight heavily travelled highways, it's not worth the potential speeding tickets. (and loss of license for me) I won't go faster than 80. I'll let Ron and Tim flush out the Smokies. Any ape with a right wrist can go 160 on a Hayabusa or XX.

Later this summer, maybe we can make a weekend trip up to the Moraine Valley drive in Wisconsin. It starts just north of Lake Geneva and goes up into Central Wisconsin. To do it properly takes at least two days. On some of those turns, you can kill yourself at 35 mph... I don't think they have the info online yet, I'll have to call or write and ask for maps. Have fun and get those radar detectors solidly mounted.

Here are the links to my two shots of our excursion last weekend:
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I'll be up for another run....Hopefully my new helmet will be in by then, with a smoked sheild (pain in the ass riding that long with helmet/Oakley combo):helmet

PS Naked.... [email protected]%K the Sox, come with us.

See ya then
Not too long this time

Brian, this one won't be as long. Just as fast on the backroads, but I agree with Jeremy that we have to cool it on the highways. Jeremy, and I stayed back, and you guys were gone. I like my clean record, and if I screw it up, I may have to go back to Harleys.:confused
Ok, so where is the meeting place and time for this?:confused
Meeting time

Sorry. Some organizer I am. We are going to meet at the McDonalds on 64 just east (1/8th mile) of Randall road. We will be there by 8am. We are going to eat and plan so, 8:30 should be fine, if your not hungry. My cell is 708-912-1480. It will be fun. Jerry
YZFRabbit said:
Ok, so where is the meeting place and time for this?:confused
You coming??? It will be a good ride.

I'll let Ron and Tim flush out the Smokies. Any ape with a right wrist can go 160 on a Hayabusa or XX.

hmmm So now I am an ape on a busa am I?:twofinger
river ride

Ron Jeremy, and an Ape. I can see a correlation there. Yep, Ron your an Ape on a Busa. There I said it. Now your going to have to come out with us on Sunday, so you can beat my ass. Seriously, hope you can make it. Tim misses you.:jester
Ape on a Hayabusa...

"hmmm So now I am an ape on a busa am I?"

Heavens no! Whatever made you think I was talking about you? :D

I just picked the fastest two bikes I could think of, and it just so happens that the two guys that were riding the fastest were on them. Later.
J man....

Would love too.. but since a drunk decided to drag my bike down the road.. I am bikeless...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaagh.. I need a bike..
What the hell are you talking about?:confused
Dragged by a drunk????

Sounds like gulp has a good story to tell.
"Tell Tim he needs to boost the black bird a lil...or keep the nickname black hawk down...." You big bastard, bring it on! Seein' how we both launch like pussies, maybe we can do a few more runs........Seriously, what happened to your bike (or you?!?). Hope you're all right, and the bike isn't to bad.

-Tim (ape with a right wrist:p)
See you guys there
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