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Anyone good at making VCD's?

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I have been playing around a bit with this, and was able to get a few music videos burned to a CD, and to play on the DVD player....anyone else have luck with this?
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vcd's are easy depending on what you use vcd galaxy is good also the new nero is the best burner proggie I have used for vcds and I have used quite a few. also the quality depends alot on your source I can get dvd quality from my sat. dish but video tapes i can get only med. vcd quality also I have found playback depends alot on your dvd player and the cds you use. the best combo I have come up with is vcd galaxy -> high qual mpg-2 ->nero using the video cd option using prime periphiel cds (can't find now) and I have a picky sony dvd player the best dvd player for vcds is the memtek (off brand) with the mp3 option.

just my observations
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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