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Uh, I've never seen an episode of Thundercats, but for some reason I hear people talking about them more than enough. :hmmm

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I love the Thundercats. I use to be able to watch them either the cartoon network or Nickelodeon. Gargoyles rock too!


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Kruz said:
"There's no news like Gary Gnus...."

That was from the GSC...right?


"There's no gnus like good gnus with Gary Gnus"

We had this discussion on another site. All the old tv shows we watched. Man didn't realize how old I was till the kiddies were tellin me they had no idea what I was talking about.

How bout

3-2-1 Contact
Romper Room
Magilla Gorilla
Grape Ape
Under Dog
Adam Ant
Justice League
Richochet Rabbit
Deputy Dog
Rocky and Bulwinkle

Think that thread went on about 30 pages or so.

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Lupi said:
Geeze...shame shame....You don't even know your Thundercats....tisk tisk
Man, go read the bio on Jaga or whatever. It said he was the old and experienced one or something like that. Not my fault! :p
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