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Anyone Remember These Guys????

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Kruz said:
"There's no news like Gary Gnus...."

That was from the GSC...right?


"There's no gnus like good gnus with Gary Gnus"

We had this discussion on another site. All the old tv shows we watched. Man didn't realize how old I was till the kiddies were tellin me they had no idea what I was talking about.

How bout

3-2-1 Contact
Romper Room
Magilla Gorilla
Grape Ape
Under Dog
Adam Ant
Justice League
Richochet Rabbit
Deputy Dog
Rocky and Bulwinkle

Think that thread went on about 30 pages or so.
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Lupi you forgot your 2 favorites.

My Little Pony
Strawberry Path Kids

Ok how bout some more
Peppe Le Peu
Roadrunner and While E Kyote (sp)
The Muppets
The Incredible Hulk Animated and Live Action
Captain America Live Action
Spiderman Live Action
Man from Atlantis
Sesame Street
HBO's Brain Games
Animal Olympics
Sylvester and Tweety
The Greatest American Hero
Davie Crocket
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Ok more then

Hogans Heroes
Gilligans Island
Combat in Color
Falcon Crest
White Shadow
3's Company
Laverne and Sherley
Happy Days
Magnum PI
Hill Street Blues
Miami Vice
St. Elsewhere
3 Stooger
Little Rascals
The Munsters
Beverly Hillbillies
The Adams Family
Leave it to Beaver
My 3 Sons
Green Acres
Peticoat Junction
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no no surfing. right out of my big fat head.

"V" was a mini series if your going that route then here are some more.

Shaka Zulu

and yes it started animated but digressed into just old TV

Mr. Ed
My Favorite Martian
I dream of Jeanie
6 million dollar man
Bionic Woman
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ok ok you want cartoons fine

Tom and Jerry
Whinnie the Pooh
Sub Mariner
Any of the Peanuts specials
Richie Rich
Lupi said:
Geeze, now you'r not reading the thread. Named 98% of those all ready!
You are so right but your math sucks. 5/8 is only 63% But you'll have all day to search the web and post lots more.:p
Ok the wife just chimed in here we go again

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
Sesame Street
Dr. Who
Electric Company
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