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Anyone Remember These Guys????

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Uh, I've never seen an episode of Thundercats, but for some reason I hear people talking about them more than enough. :hmmm
Kruz said:
What was the name of the big older wiser cat?
Jaga?! :laughing :D

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Yep, you're old, Champ. ;) Magilla Gorilla?? Bannannas?!? Grape Ape?!?? Wtf is this stuff? :hmmm
Lupi said:
Geeze...shame shame....You don't even know your Thundercats....tisk tisk
Man, go read the bio on Jaga or whatever. It said he was the old and experienced one or something like that. Not my fault! :p
Yeah, yuo fucker chAMP! Those aren't ca rtoonS!!:twofinger :twofinger
1 - 5 of 76 Posts
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