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Arai helmet policy

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I just ordered a new helmet from Helmet Shop and didn't see anything about not being available over the internet. I hope Arai has changed their mind or I will buy a Shoei. The bike shop wants $569 for a helmet that is $369 on-line.
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From what I remember talking to an Arai rep at Daytona you can still buy helmets online. However, they had to have been made before september or october of 2001 or something like that. You can find out by looking on the inside tag of the helmet.
Any reason an older helmet is less effective. I seem to remember reading something about a few years on a shelf not being a safety concern. But I had a friend borrow an older helmet at the drag strip and they wouldn't let him use it because it was Snell 85.
I'm with you. I paid 465 for a 700 Edward Repro on line
well i got ass rapped i heard.

i bought a rx7 and was told i was getting a kick ass discount. (i knew it meant retail)

found out i could have got it for maybe 140 bucks cheaper over the web. BUT i wanted it FAST and i wanted to be able to return it if something was wrong. so oh well (ass getting rapped smiley)
I just bought an Aria over the internet, I had to call around, because Aria's policy now is not to sell helmets over the internet. They were able to sell me a helmet that they had in stock, but if it hadn't been in stock, they couldn't have ordered it for me over the internet. I talked to the Aria rep at Road America at the Super Bike race earlier this year and he said they were not allowing helmets to be sold via mail order because they wanted to make sure people were getting the proper size and were actually able to try them on before ordering. My advice would be to call around and see if any of these big discount parts places have the helmet you want in stock.
Back to the drawing board. I got an e-mail yesterday that they were unable to fill my order. I need to try on some Shoei helmets. F%#* Arai.
Sure sounds like Arai's new policy is:

1. Proving to be extremely unpopular with customers.

2. Justified by a lame excuse (proper fit issue), that riders are very suspicious of at the least.

3. Sending many riders to their rival competitor Shoei on principle and high cost.

4. Damaging their image and costing them market share.

They're still nice helmets, but I'll NEVER pay $700 for an RX7RR3.
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