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Beware of the rant of a noob

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I would like to start thie rant by saying........
I WANT A NEW BIKE :mad don't get me wrong I love the kat but I want something with a little more low-end and a little lighterwho am I kidding alot lighter:D I would like to at least get an oppertunity to ride something a little lighter to see the diff. not to mention I hate standing still (going down 83 with oddy) I have to anticipate the openings and nail it like two dick hairs before oddy to try to stay in form (not that I am riding above myself) I can do quick on a straight no prob. My bike is just havey and slow on the take off. I am feeling my experience rising and also my wants alogn with it. I am really looking at either the r6 or the f4i but I want it NOW not next year!!!!!! I want to be able to do a wheelie even a short 10 footer from 60 or 70 mph.

whew thanks for enduring me and letting me vent. :mad

I feel better now.:thumbsup :twofinger :twofinger
for all those that understand how I feel :cheers
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I know exactly how you feel. My 9R is old and heavy. I jumped on Jeff's and it was like a whole new bike. Lighter and more umph. But for me anything new just not gona happen.
take your time bro...even newer and lighter bikes have a problem staying up with me:laughing
Odysseys said:
take your time bro...even newer and lighter bikes have a problem staying up with me:laughing
It helps being a little bit crazy!:twofinger :twofinger
new bike

The thing is I just wnat to ride one even around a paarking lot to see the diff but as you know the only way to ride one is to buy it unless you got a good buddy with one and right now I don't it is just curosity getting the better of me :D it will pass I plan on beating the hell out of the kat before I get a new one just had to vent for a min.:twofinger :twofinger
You dont need a new bike yet. Summers only a few more months, Beat the crap out of that thing and sellin it in march then buy your self a few year old Gix 750 or sumptin
new bike eh?

it's not new... but how about a 1999 Kaw ZX9R? all stock 16.5k mi. (pm me) thread bastardization mode off. :jester
Dude, you suffered long enough. I was barely walking and talking when that thing was built. Ken's 9R is going walk away... briskly.... fro ma modern 600, I can't imagien what it does to a heavy wheezy late 80's model. It's funny how old bikes are like people. They seem to gain weight, get slower, and a bit banged up and work out wiht age.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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