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Bike fest @ Elkhart this Sunday

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A group of us are headed up to bikefest (cycle mania, whatever) @ Road America. Vegas Extreme will be there, as well as races. I think there is a couple of opportunities to get on the track. I want to make it a long day, so wear your riding caps. We will be meeting at the Oasis on 294/94 before Great America. Whatever freakin town that is, lincolnshire? You know the one, it's got Wendy's? Go there. 8am to 8:30 get there early if your going to eat. We speed. We are considerate to other traffic, but again we speed. After meeting R1 boy (sorry I suck with names) we don't mind wheelies, but I am too pretty to look bad, so do them in the country. :evil :thumbsup :cheers oh fuck it, show up.
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So how many are going with? I'm new to this group...:rolleyes
What's the admition fee?

Just curious if Your the Sully that looped the R1 in the back of our group last year in the fox valley area uhm on 34 to be exact
About 5 or 6 from the CBRXX board, as well as some locals. I had heard somewhere that admission will be about 15 bucks. My cell is 708-912-1480
No not that Sully.... at least not that I remember... I just moved from Oregon....

Motobeagle... I'll probably meet you up there.... I suppose to look for the ZX12R?
Yup Sully,
I'm the big ugly one in the pic, next to the short cute one. Blue/Gold 12, with a bunch of XX's. See you tomorrow. J
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