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bling bling

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Nice weather out on Saturday so instead of doing the housework (laundry, lawn cutting, shrub trimming) I spent the time in the garage installing the new hugger, undertail and integrated liberteks.

I beat Vcook to this weeks accumulation of poser points while he was out boozing for his bday :D
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check out my (bike's) ass now
better pic of the new liberteks. man, these things are bright at night.
ahh ernie your ass is so nice and slim, and really shaply. i wanna touch it when i see you:laughing
:nono pepper spray is waiting for ya :nono

XOXO :jester
very nice job. looking good
I'm dying to do a hugger and undertail but I just can't justify the cost....yet:)
At least now they'll be able to tell us apart. I'll be the slow one "without the undertail" instead of just the slow one. :laughing
Man that looks SWEEET!!! I want one bad. Can't wait to see it in person.
Looking good Ernie! LED's rule!:thumbsup
Damn, that looks pimp, Ernie. Way to go! ;) :D
looks good ernie. if mine doesn't come soon, I am going to go berserk.
Nice job!

Did your undertail come with those metal hooks for luggage and strapping stuff down? or were they already on the bike?
VIVID1 said:
Nice job!

Did your undertail come with those metal hooks for luggage and strapping stuff down? or were they already on the bike?
I think the hooks came with the bike....but for 02 they are unboltable vs. welded on as in 01. Cleaner looking without em:D
I don't understand the logic, but the rear cargo hooks were welded on the frame and the front ones were bolted on. I didn't have any extra nuts with me at the time so I left the front ones on, but they're upside down and on the reverse side now so that I could keep the passenger foot pegs and exhaust mounted...

I was wondering when someone would notice that there's only two cargo hooks on there :D

maybe I'll leave them on there so there's something for the bungee cord to hook onto if there's some shit I wanna carry that won't fit in the tank bag...
Excellent job Ernie :thumbsup Looks pimp as hell:helmet
Wish I could get rid of my mud flap on the back:bs

Sweet undertail Ernie! Was it hard to install? I'm thinking of racking up poser points for the SV with one of those. And a hugger. I think I'd get some poser points if I quit dropping the damn thing :mad

Wait, maybe I should put good plastic on it and learn to ride first! That'd be the best way to score poser points.

Whoa.. :eek:t

Good job on it though Ernie.

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