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Brane Farts in the Heat of Passion...

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Things I forgot at BHF this Saturday:

1. When you think you've hit a false neutral and have already reached the turn-in point, just pull in the clutch and allow your momentum to carry you through the turn. Then, upshift before letting the clutch back out.

2. Downshifting into 1st gear and dumping the clutch at 40 mph is a very, very bad idea.

3. Don't practice trail braking for the first time on race day.

Better to pay a little more $$ to the equipment manufacturers today than to pay REALLY MORE $$ to the medical professionals later. My Arai helmet, Syed leathers, Teknic gloves/boots and Bohn back protector performed flawlessly.
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Very good points. Ran into the same false neutral problem in 7 last time out. Fortunately I had talked to Mama Drucker about those in regards to RA in June. What you said to do is what she said as well. It worked for me.
Glad you are OK Kim, I heard about the incident.
Glad your ok. don't worry practice makes perfect and since u had the practice i'm positive you will get it perfect next time :helmet
another suggestion is when you get that fall out or false gear, is still lean the bike in to keep the radias...just move your shoulder to the out side of the corner of the bike (puts more weight on the center to outside of the bike, to keep the lean while no throttle (pulling factor) is there)

this helps me ALOT, and from what i seen and felt , like 90 times in my life so far, it works
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