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CAN someone BORROW me a camera mount for the bike?

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Me and Chris are planing to make a tape for some stuff soon in the future we need your help with borrowing a camera mount.., in return you get a free copy of what we do, guaranteed to make you laugh.
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Ya got a fairing stay on you bikes. if so you could borrow mine.
you mean that like cross member bars right infront of the tank that ties the nose on to the a 9r has? if so yep:D

and if that is what ya meant COOL...ill let ya know when we need it IS it stable enough and sucure to with stand wheelies?, speeds over 170mpr and wont come off?

if so cool, if anything happenes to it..i will pay ya in full what ever its worth;)
Odysseys said:
you mean that like cross member bars right infront of the tank that ties the nose on to the frame

Otherwise known as a fairing stay :twofinger :twofinger :twofinger

Hey another way to do it is to put it in the top of a tank bag so it's enclosed in the clear plastic part. That way your not getting all the wind noise.
its ok tony..we are gonna dubbed over with music
Yep thats it. It only costs about 30 bucks so its not that expensive. Its a RAM Mount Its ok. If you have a smaller lighter cam with steady shot it will work great. I had no problems with it other than under hard acceleration and piss poor landings from wheelies, the camera would move. Jim's camera would keep ejecting the tape. Not a problem. try it if you like it good if not you didn't loose nothing.
Check this bad boy out. It uses the bolts for your gas tank lid.
ive had mine up over 150+mph a few times with no windscreen so if you have it on right it wont go anywhere the key is a good camera. mines a cheep 180 camera and it dont handle bumbs real well but on smooth surfaces it worked great, petes camera always worked good except his always pointed upwards mount it tight and you wont have problems!:twofinger
yep mine went skyward. its older and heavier. I have seen the tank mounts. they look kool. Have hear of people bungee cording them to the tank as well.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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