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Carbon Mig Hi-Mount for 98-01 R1

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I've got a carbon canned hi-mount MIG slip-on for a 98 R1. I believe it will fit the 00-01 models as well. If you're familiar with MIG's, it is an older model, with no heel guard like those that came on the newer ones. It's a nice pipe, but it's used and has some wear and tear on it. Nothing major, but i will disclose any flaws to anyone interested. I have some very clear pictures I can send, maybe I'll even post them up on my server if needed.

I'm located in Park forest, in the southern burbs, and you can call me at 708-744-5897 (cell) or you can email me at [email protected]. I'll be gone to Laguna Seca from Wednesday, the 10th, till the following Tuesday so don't be upset if I don't get back to you in that timeframe.

Price $200 usd.
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do you have to take off the pasenger pegs with that pipe?
No. It comes with the hardware necessary to move the peg outward.
That is a sweet pipe! Rice did ya sell it yet? If not I'll put the word out. You looking at the mojo? hehe

Hey Mole,

Nope, I still have it. If you know anyone interested, just let me know.

Mojo? That's what I got. I had it for a while, then went back to a slip-on, then back to the Akra. So many pipes, so little ride time......
This item has been sold, and is no longer available.

Thank you...
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