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Nissan Develops Technology to Change Car Color With a Touch of a Button
Submitted by Julie on November 11, 2007 - 12:49pm. Autos Concept Cars Industry News News

Can't decide what color of car to buy? The auto manufacturer Nissan has developed new technology that will make changing the color of your car as simple as pressing a button. Using a "paramagnetic" paint coating, you'll be able to change the color of your car at will.

When a current is applied, spacing between the iron oxide crystals embedded in the polymer changes and different colors appear to the human eye. When the current isn't active, the car returns to a default color - white.

Nissan is hoping to roll out the color changing technology for consumer use in 2010. In the meantime, they've also created another cool paint technology, the self-healing "Scratch Guard Coat" which will protect your car from scratches. The "Scratch Guard Coat" is available on the 2008 EX35 luxury crossover utility vehicle....

WTF will they come up with next. This would be nice for a bank heist...
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