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***classified Rules - Must Read And Follow***

Rules Concerning Classified Advertising – Please read before you add a new Post!!!

The Classified Ad section is for private-party sales only. Any commercial advertising will be deleted. Please contact the Webmaster for details relative to commercial advertising.

SELLERS: When posting a new ad, be sure to include a complete description of the item for sale (including the asking price!), as well as all pertinent contact information (telephone number, e-mail address, etc.). If you have descriptive information to add at a later date, you may edit or attach a reply to your original post. Please be sure to indicate when your item has been sold or if it is no longer for sale.

To keep the forum effective please use the following format in the Subject line of your post. This applies to motorcycles only....

Year, Make, Model, Color, Mileage, and Price.

2002, Honda, RC51, Red/silver/black, 1,700 miles, $8,000

If you are selling motors and/or frames, you MUST provide a VIN number for each motor and frame and it must be included in the original post. Failure to comply will result in the deleting of your post.

BUYERS/VISITORS: To discuss or obtain further information on an item for sale, please contact the Seller directly via E-mail, Private Message or telephone – NOT by replying to a post. The Reply Feature has been disabled in this forum.

Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure that the Classified forum is maintained in a clean efficient manner benefiting both Buyers and Sellers. Inability to comply with these instructions may result in revocation of your CLSB membership.

BREAK these rules two times, and your account will be deleted and you banned from the club.
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Bump 'cause some suckas need to read this! :)
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