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Concerning Leaders

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I just hope you guys realize how important it is to have great leaders. I want to remind everyone that, in a way, our lives our in their hands when we go out and ride. That doesn't mean that we should copycat our leader to a tee because they may ride outside of our limits at times and we have to have the sense to ride our own PACE. Just a few thoughts on what a leader should be.

1. A leader should be caring and mindful of all the riders in the the group. He should have the ability to evaluate the riders that are in the group and make adjustments accordingly.

2. A leader should not only know the roads but watch the roads he leads us through. The ability to see danger is essential and everyone behind them counts on it.

3. A leader knows who's behind him/her and make sure nobody is left behind. This also gives us as riders the responsibility to communicate with our leader. Don't just take off for no good reason.

4. A leader doesn't crack under pressure and knows how to take care of a problem, God forbid there may be one.

5. A leader has the watchful eye of a father and the integrity to speak up when his riders get out of hand.

There are plenty more, but be serious about this. Don't just nominate your buddies. Take this seriously and vote for someone who you would put your life in their hands.
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Damn straight Crazy, Thats what I'm looking for. I deally I would like to have 4 designated leaders, 2 up north and 2 down south. so far I have 6 people nominated with a total of 15 votes. Keep em comin in guys.
Right on Crazy.
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