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cool stuff

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I had heard of shirts and pants made of this stuff called Cool Stuff so I tried it on Sunday and it was awesome. I wasn't sure if it was working until I took off the long sleeve shirt and put on a t-shirt. THEN I started sweating buckets. I don't know how it works but it works. I'll have it on under leathers from now on. I got mine at Trophy Leathers for $50 but I have seen it at an online accessory site for $42. I can't remember which one. Anyone else tried this stuff? It supposedly keeps you warm,too.
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The COOL STUFF undershirts and underpants offer the same NASA developed technology as the COOL STUFF pads, but woven into a fiber form. The Outlast Technologies acrylic fibers are woven into a cloth form combined with conventional polyester clothing material to produce a garment that is guaranteed to absorb, store, and release body heat. This blend of conventional polyester and Outlast acrylic is then treated with a "wicking" agent to further enhance body cooling through evaporation by pulling perspiration away from the skin.

Available in two garment weights, the COOL STUFF undershirts and underpants help to control body temperature using the same phase change technology as the pads. This means less sweating and less fluid loss for the rider. Fluid loss is one of the leading factors in loss of concentration and reaction times in motorcycle racing.

The COOL STUFF shirts and pants are designed to fit tightly against the skin, thus enhancing the phase change process and making it easier to wear the garments under tighter racing leathers. The COOL STUFF shirts and pants will also “recharge” automatically when you stop riding and rest in a space where the temperature is less than the activation temperature or when your skin temperature is reduced due to other cooling effects such as evaporation (while riding at speed).

COOL STUFF Outlast garments are the next step up from CoolMax....COOL STUFF helps to defer sweating for as long as possible and thus retain the maximum body fluids. CoolMax helps to pull sweat away, but is not designed to prevent or defer sweating
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I was kind of skeptical about this stuff when the guy from trophy tried to sell me this stuff...interesting report on it. Hmmm, to get or not to get
me too. think I went thru 5 t-shirts.
Reports.. blah blah blah.

WHERE CAN I GET IT?!? Anybody got a phone #, address, website URL?
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