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Okay folks, turns out that 'they' decided to put Army drill on this weekend when I bought tickets months before. Since I'm due to head to Georgia for a couple weeks next weekend, I guess I better show. Unfortunately, my 'former' roomate bailed on buying these tickets so now I have to sell them quick.

4 tickets!
Cubs vs. Marlins
7/13/02 (Saturday)
3-ish game time
Section 438 row 9

I'll eat the awful service charges Ticketmaster charged me and sell them for $25 a pop ($100 total). This would make an awesome CLSB outing since the game time is 3, gets over at 6 or so, catch dinner then a night (or less) on the town.

PM TODAY or call me TOMORROW. If I know you/ride with ya, I can extend a line of credit if you need it. Cell number's 847.445.0109. I won't be checking the board on Wednesday so call quick!
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