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Well, took the bike to EFR after Strats for some work on the fuel injectors. The driveway is on a hill and I forgot to put the bike in gear. Yep, rolled backwards and fell over!:mad The damage is pretty minor, but I'm pissed off!!!

I'm actually lucky as hell! A small scrape in the side panel, a small scape on the pipe (coated pipe, don't know what it will take to fix that, minor bend in the exhaust bracket, minor damage to the rubber gasket on the can, and a scrape on the right bar end. Amazingly there no other damage.

This sucks! I hateit when I do stupid shit like this!:mad :mad :mad I got off lucky but it still sucks!
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YZFRabbit said:
Dave, total bummer especially with a brand new bike! To cheer you up a bit.....see what happens when you dont ride with a bunch of psychotic maniacs on a full moon night?:laughing
I was darn near a psychotic maniac myself after this stupid incident. Man, I was lucky though! It could have rolled a little further and smashed into the side of his van.

I don't think there was any damage to the turbo or header so it's pretty minimal. I'm not sure how to repair the scrape on the ceramic-coated pipe. It could have been WAY worse! No insurance claim on this one.

Does it count for the crash club if you were nowhere near your bike when it crashed?:rolleyes
Well, it's looking like around $300 depening on how anal I get about replacing everything. I'm guessing roughly $200 for touch up painting and $100 to redo the ceramic coating on the pipe. All this while my back was turned!

I should be getting it back tomorrow with new fuel injectors and new fuel maps.
GsxrTony said:
Screw repainting, I'll give ya some stickers for your shit ;) ;) :laughing
:laughing :laughing

Save a couple of stickers for Max & Anna (sounds almost like a hamburger place) too!:D

geez...that's rather expensive. Damn busas. :evil j/k

That's gonna cost that much?
Replacing the side panel instead of touch-up would be over $500! Think maybe it's time to get in the plastics business?

Maybe I need stickers for my shit!:evil :evil :evil

I've got a little scrape on the bar end too.

Being stupid can get really expensive!:bs
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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