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Damn heater cores.

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Well my heater core in my truck cracked. NIce smell of antifreeze when the air or heat is turned on. Not only that, but steam coing out of the vents and hazing the glass.

Good thing the new core will run $30-$60.

Bad news its going to cost over $400 to install it.

WTF is it that they make it so you cant just easily replace it yourself. My Dakota has to have the WHOLE DAMN DASH REMOVED to replace the core. 5 hrs of labour to fix teh core. What a fucking joke. How fucking hard would it had been to design it so you can just go through the glove box to replace the core like the old days?

Id do it myself but I really dont want to remove teh damn dash. Did it before on a 98 Suburban and that was a PITA!!!
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I'm a cage mechanic and under dash work is my least favorite thing to do. Some heater cores are cake work, I love when they give you a little access door, didn't know Dakotas had to have the whole dash taken out to change it, usually only Ford is cluleless enough to make their cars like that :mad . Hell, it's summer just loop the heater hoses together :D .

you got it easy Rob. My Stealth has 2 cracked Dash vents. 125 miles out of warranty at the time. $20 in parts. $1000 to do the work and they wouldn't cover it under insurance. Said the windshield and the dash had to come out. Very big job. :confused Grrrrrr. But a $1 bottle of super glue did for about 2 years. They popped again and I need to fix again
yeah i remember my days of changin out heater cores.

lets see if i can remember?

77 chevy monza (v-8)(fast litte bitch)
78 cutlass supreme (man i still love that car)
77 camero z28
94 s-10 blazer st (sweet truck)

those are the ones i remember owning having to do them on.
Funny how EVERY vehicle I've owned has had to have the heater core replaced.:(
Heater cores are easy....especially when they are in a nice big truck!:laughing I did mine on my 86 M1009...wasnt leaking, just missing when I got the truck from the was a cool truck too, sad to see it go, but when some guy from Californee offers to pay a high-ball price I put on the truck, how can I say no? Here it is loading up for its new home a couple a years ago....
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