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damn time site came back up

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i thought it was down earlier, but was having probs with other so I thought it was just me. O well. Glad its up and running else I would be so bored at work tommorrow.
so what was it this time?

:mad I want my money back...oops waitaminute....nevermind

Tony, you should be demanding some money back from the hosting service. :mad frickin' amateurs don't know how to keep a server/network up.
Sorry, I help run the site's mirror copy off of my Dreamcast running Windows CE, and the kids musta pulled out the Database CD to play Sonic, my appologies :D
Could be worse. The local site here has been down for about 3 days. Whats funnier is that one of teh admin OWNS the server company that runs the server. :laughing
This hosting company is smaller but ehy are still better than the Huge company (verio) that we used before. Someday, I'm buying my own server, running a 12 count fider to the house and becoming my own hosting company.

Yeah right, when I win the lottery. Until then I am at the mercy of these hosting assholes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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