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Dropped my bike a the track

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I dropped it after I came in from a session because I missed a spool with my stand and no one was in my pit at the time.....DDDOOOOHHHHHH:mad

I'm an Idiot:evil :evil
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Don't fret's allways the bikes fault!!!:twofinger
Small scratches only, same side that the wind blew it over on 2 months ago. It went slow so nothing would have sucked to have to quit because of that.
Damn, Well isnt that just a kick yourself in the ass moment... :D Be carefull with those stands out there guys
Well at least you weren't on the bike when it happend like someone we all know:jester :jester :twofinger
sorry to hear. live and learn I guess.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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