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dual v single filament

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i forgot...which is which? dual=on all the time and turn signal and single only turn signals on? which has 3 wires? that's the one I need.
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single filaments are 2 wires. They can be used as running lights, ie always on or as marker lights, ie blink when signal is on.

dual filaments have 3 wires, they are on all the time and then will blink when the signal is triggerred.
Michael said:

didn't i just say that? post whore! :twofinger :D :D

and a note on single and dual .. if you want to run running lights on a dual filament, and you connect the wrong wire (ie running light wire from bike to signal wire on turn signal) the housing on cheaper after market signals (lp) will melt. when i was doing mine, i connected the wrong wire for like 10 seconds, and the signal was so deformed i had to buy a new set. i would assume you will have similar problems trying to run a single filament as running lights.
Ok so I was trying to reaffirm your data adding in a bit on the single so :p

And since I am already here A buddy of mine did the LP flush mounts on his RC51 and he connected the running light to the wrong wire. Went for a ride and melted the crap out of the lens. Live and learn huh. Damn I just repeated your post again o well at least I got another point.:D :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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