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Evanston Ticket in Chicago? Can I fight?

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I was followed from Evanston to South Sheridan in Chicago before I recieved a ticket. Can Evanston Police give me a ticket in Chicago? I was a good 1/2 mile in before He stopped me?

What can I do?

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If the violation occurred in Evanston they can follow you into Chicago and ticket you.
wolfgang said:
It would be nice if it worked like the dukes of hazzard. Get out of town and your home free.

Thats only works if you jump a creek using a bush as a ramp. :D :D
personaly...i wouldda been like DUDE get back in your car and drive back to your town, before i claim a stalking action agasint you!!

nah doesnt matter a chicago cop can nail you in wisconsin bro, since alot of states are even joining the same DMV doesnt matter no more.
wolfgang said:

Maybe next years bbq we could see that.:laughing
I'm sure Troy could show us how its done :D :D :D

I tell ya, if he wasn't on a Harley!??....:mad

:bs I'm lying.. I am to chicken to run...
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I tell ya, if he wasn't on a Harley!??....

Yesssss?????? (givin' da LOOK):rofl
GsxrTony said:

I'm sure Troy could show us how its done :D :D :D
Who's biek are we going ot let him break this time???:jester
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