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Everyone have a good 4th? All fingers still there?

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Everyone have a good 4th? All fingers still there?

We did not go out of state to get any "good" fireworks, so we got the kids stuff from "cub foods" you know, the small smoke bombs, and sparklers junk. Every house around me seemed to have semi-commercial stuff.

I'm going on a road trip a few months ahead of time next year to get better stuff......

Not gonna get them 1/4 sticks, but at least better than the crap we had....:laughing
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Made it through without even lighting one up. All my fingers still there, my liver however suffered greatly!!!:cheers :D :cheers
you mean you need more than :thumbsup ?

yesterday was great! good food, good fun and great riding weather :cheers
Yep, still intact. went over to Jeff with a J's house and watch his neihbors blow about 3 grand worth of fireworks!!!! tried one of Jeff's beer margarita's, yummmmmmy!!!:cheers :cheers
All fingers still in tact but some of the guys (who were shooting off the fireworks) looked iffy. :laughing They had some nice stuff too. Got to see lots of pretty colors :laughing. The neighborhood had some great shows going on as well too. :)

had some nice riding weather too.
Awesome day. Went to the rib fest to see fireworks. Got really drunk and had a blast.
Well I was on call yesterday, so I did absolutely nothing. Im going out riding for a little bit today around the area, but gotta be home by 5:00 to be on call again.:mad Oh well todays the last day.
Hey Tony, looks like we were slumming in the same place!:jester
Blew up alot of stuff, only ended up with one small burn on my thumb. I don't think they even sell M80's in Indiana anymore let alone 1/4 or 1/2 sticks and I couldn't find anyone peddling them here this year :( . We blew off big mortars and whatnot for about 3 hours straight and still have stuff left over. I didn't drink as much as I should have since I was on the bike and had work today, probably better that way or I would be missing at least a finger.

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