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Falco photo...

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here is the photo that started me drooling over the falco. amazing what good camera equipment can do for you, eh? This is much better than the one I took and posted in the classifieds.

That paint is like no other color I have ever seen. Dark red at night, and the color you see above in the bright sunlight. I have really liked this bike and regret having to part company. Oh well, my loss is someone else's gain...

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Youre right about the color. A freind just bought a Futura with that color. Its definately eye catching . That bike is so damn smooth its ridiculous :shocked
man i wanna ride one of those!!!;) :laughing
I sat on one at the bike show, it's a bit heavy compared to my F4i, but if I could lower it, I would love that to be my sport touring bike (yellow or silver).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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