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Well today I figured it was now or never, So I took the woman for her first ride on a motorcycle and my first time riding with a passenger.:thumbsup I was really suprised at how well the F4i did. Everything was a little slower to react but not as bad as I thought it would be. The only thing that realy sucked was the braking, I thought my hands were going to break off at the rists. But then I got the brainstorm of tellin her to put her hands on the tank when I was stopping. So over all a pretty damn good day.:D


P.S. Any suggestions on riding with passengers would be greatly appriciated.

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the hands on the tank idea works great. even better idea is to get a solotail and tell her to get her own bike. :)

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One hand around the waist/stomach/whatever and one hand on the tank, at least while stopping works great for me.

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I've only given a couple rides, but I noticed I had the mostcontrol when they were holding on fiarly tight and siting really close. Just remember to sit back a 1" or so farther then normal ot save you nuts.

When braking squeeze teh tank between your legs and their hand on the tank helps a lot too. Have her follow your move, so if you lean forward she does too, if you sit up to brake os does she, if you take off your shirt, so does..... ummmm uhhhh. :D

SO basically tell her, she needs to sit really tight up against you, squeeze her legs together and put her hand on the tank between you legs when you hit the brakes.:cheers

So pretty much you have a chick hugging you frombehind the whoe time and sticking her hand between you legs every once in a while.:D

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I ride 2 up most of the time

I think its all in the passenger............You have to train them or your gonna hate it.
They lean in a corner before you and it screws the corner up, they look over your shoulder and it makes the bike drift. you go a certain mph over the speedlimit and out pop the nails to insert in your ribs.
Take the time to tell her what you want her to do and its actually alot of fun riding 2up.

when I want to pick up the pace I usually give her a few pats on the thigh so I dont throw her off the back. its almost automatic for us now. I pat she hangs on tighter

Now if I could just get her to trim those nails :laughing

Good luck Oh and you'll find that along with the front brake, the back brakes come in handy while riding two up

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well, first i make sure the girl isn't wearing any rings. then i actually have her keep both hands on either side of the tank.
i also tell them to basically lean when i lean, keep their shoes away from my pipes (i have high mounts so they come really near to the passenger pegs) and most importantly, leave some room between me and the tank!
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