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frame sliders?

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I was just trying to order the Lockhart Phillips Carbon Fiber Inlay Frame Sliders ( go to New For 2002 and then all the way to the buttom of the page) and was told by a shop that in their exeriance when a bike goes down the sliders just brake. Did you guys hear anyting about that? I am geting the sliders mainly for the track next year.
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there was some talk about these over on SBN sounded like they did ok.
Get the IRP (Intuitive) frame sliders that require drilling into the fairing. They are the best and I highly recommend them (I've tested them on the track). If you need help installing them, just let me know. You can ride down, we'll install them, and ride back. Cherrypicker could even come over and spill oil all over my drive like always:twofinger

I am going to take you up on that offer and maybe we could also play with my suspension set up? :cheers :D
If your just goin with the plain black or white ones now, you could get some from ME. Ask Jeff w/ a J they work :D
I just ordered the LP Carbon Fiber.
O boy, I just found out one of my ZRX boys had a 75mph spill. But the sliders survived well.
BTW here is Jeff's mishap.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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