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Free Trackday For Yamaha Riders

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The organizers of are having a FREE trackday on Monday July 8th at Grattan. To iron out the details, you need to contact Eric Nacke at:

Voice 616-458-5888
Fax 616-458-5740

OR you can email him through their website or through [email protected]

If you need information on Grattan, just check out their website at

Also, if you're going to go and you get it confirmed w/ Eric that he has you down and will fill out the paper work at the track, then let me know and maybe we can share a room at the Candlestone Inn in Belding, MI (7 min. from the track) for Sun. night.

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DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! If I could only get off from work.:(
Huh, bad timing I guess. I wish Ihad found this board sooner, maybe I could have made time to get there. Never made a track day, but I'd really like too. If any more like this come up, feel free to post it on my site, We're mostly all R1 owners, with a few Gixxers and R6s thrown in for good measure.

Also, I don't know if you ever get that R6 on the streets, but if you do, I might be up for a ride sometime. I'm just up in Park Forest. Grew up in Peotone, and my g/f lives in Bourbonnais.

Take it easy..........
Yeah- Just PM me if you're ever up for a ride. I haven't gotten out on the street much this summer because I've been too damn busy. You can email me too ([email protected]).

I would recommend a NESBA intro. track day. It's free, no bike prep, and you get 2- 20min. sessions for free. I highly recommend it. You don't have to be a member either.

Maybe if I just paint my bike blue noone will notice.

Im sprised more dealers/manufacturers don't try and do this.

Are they going ot have any demo rides???
I haven't got the slightest idea. All I know is if I show up, I get to ride Grattan for free.

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