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Must... brake... later...
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I'm finally posting this for sale. There are about 3000 miles on it. It is nearly stock except for:

- BMC panel air filter
- Lightened Ducati Performance flywheel
- Zero Gravity Clear Double Bubble Windscreen
- CF Ducati Performance Half Clutch cover
- Clear brake and turn signal lenses

The reason why I'm selling it is because I want to get more into track days and perhaps racing next season w/ my R6... which means I need more $$$$$.

I would like to make this a quick sale, so I'm asking for $9000. This bike retails for $15k. If anybody is interested at this price, let me know. Otherwise I think I can trade it in soon towards the purchase of a car (My car dealer takes bike trade-ins... go figure). E-mail or PM me if interested. I'll take some pics and post as soon as I can. Thanks!

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