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I just picked up a brand new Treo 755p, so no longer need this. Buy this or make me an offer I can't refuse on my 755p and I'll continue to slum it with the 700p. :laughing

Comes with all OEM accessories, OEM battery, USB sync cable, stereo headphones, AC charger, manual and box. I have had this phone for less than a year. No scratches to the screen whatsoever. Very small nick above the Sprint logo, which can't even be seen in the pics. Just thought I mention it though.

Extras : Seidio 2400 mAh extended capacity battery $60 when new, 1GB Sandisk SD card (it folds and plugs right into your USB port), hard plastic clear case $20 value, also comes with 2 brand new sealed OEM Palm batteries which go for about $20 each. I will also include 2 extra OEM stylus $5 each.

This phone does EVDO, can be tethered to your laptop. You can surf the net, watch videos on YouTube and read email at up to 700kbps pretty much anywhere at anytime. Will also play MP3s, has a bunch of games and apps on it. I can show you how to make your own MP3 ringtones. No more $2.50 a ringtone. Phone also has camera, video, audio recorder and much much more. Since this is the Palm OS, it is rock solid. I guarantee it for 1 year. Free replacement guarantee as long as your account is still in good standing with Sprint.

Read all about it at

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