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The original plan was to put my "A" bike back to basically stock form and sell it for $5000.

But ... since the suspension is currently dialed in real nice and the bike is handling so good, I thought I would hook somebody up.

This is a really good race/track bike that is already setup, dialed in and ready to go. These things are not cheap to build and even harder to find one that is truly dialed in!

I have 2 GSXR 1000's and this is my current "A" bike that I won some races on this year, I use the other one primarily as a back up and to CR for NESBA.

2005 Suzuki GSXR 1000
Penske 25mm Kit Forks
Penske 8987 [3-Way] Rear Shock
Yoshimura Exhaust
Woodcraft Case Cover - Right
Woodcraft Case Cover - Left
Woodcraft Frame Sliders
520 Conversion - Chain and Sprockets
Stomp Grip on the Tank
Aluminum Racing Fairing Stay
Safety Wired

$6500, shouldn't last long at that price.

(If you are looking for an excellent bike to race or do track days, this is it. If you are looking for a bike to put on the street, this is not it.)

Call me! 630.430.7449

Photo Credits to Matt Granzow


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Getting close to pulling this one off the market and taking all the suspension stuff off of it and then selling it in stock trim. If you are interested, don't wait...CALL ME! 630.430.7449
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