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Gingerman Track Day Report

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I woke up late after some child related sleep deprevation. Having packed most of the car the previous night I was out the door in 20 minutes or more accurately out the driveway. 2 blocks later I 180'd back to get my wallet.:mad

Feeling pretty guilty for getting there late I proceeded to the table to extend apologies only to discover that we had no EMTs or cornerworkers. Apparently the track management didn't feel that it was necessary and didn't seem to care if we ever got to ride. Words cannot express the overwhelming incompetance that spewed from the inbred, genetic mutation, red-neck of a track manager. We didn't get on the track until something like noon.:mad :mad :mad

As it turned out I personally didn't need more time than that as my aged, creaking body got it's share of physical and mental torment from my sessions.

Most of the day was without incedent although the only 2 crashes that I saw were in turn 2 not 3 where the majority happened when I raced there. In fact I had a near high-side late in the day coming out of turn 2 ( 3rd gear right hander).

It was a great time with few riders and tons of time.
Now I need tires, pucks and toesliders.
:) :)

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who put that mess together?
i woulda been pissed !!!!!

you paid for a full day, you should have gotten it! regaurdless how much track time you could handle.

what time to time did it run till?

if so that 3 hours of prorated money i woulda asked for back.

but glad you had a fun time after all that:D
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I got a request in already. It was Andy George and his Bro, not their fault; they were told all that was supplied.
the lack of prepartion on their part was inexcusable.

somehow that mentality doesn't surprise me that much, after all this place charges a gate fee just to show up at the track?! wtf? (it's not like you're "getting" anything for the fee either) :mad
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