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Good news and Bad news at Blackhawk today.

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Good news is Kim ran 1:30 today for a best time. And the pit bike race went very well even though I crashed.:laughing

Bad news. Kim tucked the front going into turn 1 today in the GTO (am) race. And any guess what corner I was working? Yep turn 1. Scared the hell out of us when she didnt move for about 20sec. she got up groggy and walked with help behind the tire wall. Apparently she dislocated her shoulder and popped it back in and is fine otherwise. Bike broke teh body, upper fairing stay, clutch resevoir, clutch and brake levers, left rearset and realinged the pipes. The GTO (am) was a crashfest. We had 3 bikes crash in turn 1 alone. One even got applause from the spectators. He got bumped off the track and did a Mark into the bush but he flipped over the bars and landed on his feet. There was about 9 bikes that went down in that race alone. Also had to medi-vac a guy from the Formula 40 race in turn 3. The care center was full and they had to start treating people in the tower.

The pitbike race almost never happened. All teh medical crews left after the last race.:mad Luckily some spectators were licensed EMTs and offered their services to us so we could go on with the races.
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I hope Kim is OK. That hurts.
Lupi talked to her today said she will be ok. Bike too but needs lots of TLC.
Be kinda careful Kim! Assuming you didn't tear anything (hope you got it checked real good) you probably stretched some tendons and it will pop out pretty easy for a while. At least you were able to pop it back in. Man that sucks!:(
Kim gave me a buzz yesterday afternnoon. She was so happy about her new best lap time, but discouraged because of the crash. If I got it all right, she caught a false neutral, jammed it into gear in the turn, which locked the back and launched her.

She was in pretty good spirits actually. All ready talking about getting the bike back together ASAP and getting back out there again. I imagine she will be having the shoulder checked pretty soon. I hope that there isn't too much damage and she can make a speedy recovery.

:cheers Heal fast Kim! I need that target out there for Sept!:cheers

Thanks, guys! I'm heading out this morning for x-rays 'n stuff... will keep you posted.

BTW... we did break thru the :30 barrier... the two laps leading up to my "brain fart" were 1:27's.:evil

That pit bike race was funny as hell! Had a good time at the auction too... until the Advil wore off. So we opted to head back home and sleep in our air-conditioned bed. Sucks that we missed the rest of the racing weekend - I wanted to at least watch how the Sunday races went.

Catch ya in a little bit...
Little update about the races today (sunday). From what I heard from a guy that was there (I didnt go due to the 112 heat index:( ), a bunch of riders were dropping like flies due to the heat. Most the spectators left by 1pm. I went out at 11am to unload my pitbike from the trailer and damn near fell over from the heat. Glad as hell now I ddint cornerwork today. I dont fair well in high heat anymore.
Hey Kim, sorry to hear about your crash and I'm really glad you made it through okay. :( And.. damn! 1:27s now? That's crazy--congratulations on pickin' up some speed. :helmet
:thumbsup Cungrats on the times and HOPES for a Speedy Recovery :thumbsup
Kim ---

That is wonderful on your increased time! But, I am so sorry to hear about the crash. Thank God you are alright. Bikes can be fixed, so don't worry about that.

I guess this gives new meaning to No Pain, No Gain. In your case though, it was Gain, and then Pain!
Good to hear your alright kim. Take care of that shoulder. And get those trans gears back cut for the next race.
sorry about the adventure Kim..........though glad to hear we a ONE TRUE RACER HERE!!!!!!!!!:)

(not like this wanna be here!!!!)

Heal Quickly!!! Hope you still make the weekly Cubby Bear Lunch!!!!!
Man, I'm glad you're ok Kim. I hope your shoulder heals fast. Congrats on the 1:27's :thumbsup
Well, I'm back at work (but will most likely be heading home early). X-rays and CAT scan revealed damage to my rotator cuff... don't know how bad it is yet. Am gonna get an MRI and am shopping for a good Ortho who will get me up/out/back FAST!

Thanks, everyone for the good wishes... and yes - I'll definitely be doing the Friday lunches (and will probably have "spare time" during the week as well!)

Next, we'll have to figure out what all got hurt on the bike, and start shopping for parts.
Sorry to hear about your crash, but congrats on your time. Hope you're healed up soon and ready to race again.
that sucks to hear Kim. Heal up soon.

Congrats on your time though. :thumbsup (not that I'd know if that was fast or not :jester). :)
Let the healing begin, and hopefully you won't be predicting approaching storm fronts with the shoulder in the future.

Ironically, I was just reminding my track buddy on the ride to Blackhawk about just this scenario.

If you ever catch a false neutral, shift UP into a higher gear, not DOWN, to prevent locking up the rear wheel. At worst you'll blow the corner and run wide instead of crashing. Expect the gearbox to make awfull noises either way as everything meshes. Program your brain before you run into this situation- it can happen on any bike, anytime.
Gonna be racing there at the end of Aug and Sept Kim? If so, what corner do you want me to cornerwork at? Since BOTH of your crashes happened at or very near my corner........

Scratch that. I should be on the track for those last two.:D:D:D

John says your best bet would be either the front gate, or selling food :jester - and I'm gonna give you that t-shirt I was wearing too, since I've crashed in it twice as well.

Seriously, I want to thank you and everyone else who helped keep me from being run over (how long was I "out", anyway?) and getting both me and the bike out of the way. I owe you all BIG time for both the post-crash help and all the great advice and feedback these past weeks. :cheers

Any word on the guy they airlifted??

I'm waiting to get in for the MRI (insurance wouldn't let me go today, so we're rescheduling for Wednesday) so we don't know anything definitive about my shoulder yet - I'm hoping it's only a small tear and not a fracture. My health insurance is already being resistive, so I'm gearing up for a fight on that front too. CIGNA's POS is exactly that - a POS. :mad PPO for me next year.

The August race weekend might be overly optimistic (tho I'll be there to spectate for sure!) I'm hoping to be back in time for W3's Labor Day track day, then the NESBA weekend, another Visionsports school, Friday practice and then back to racing in September.:helmet
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