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got bandwidth? trackday vid...

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For the Grattan event I did in June I made a highlight vid, it's 100+ megs and has some on-board crash footage:

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Tried to download it, but the link is dead? I saw part of it at Bruce's with you, looked good! I want a copy still!
same here...:(
lemme check it out... it's not on a box I have access to.
Well, I downloaded it earlier today and just got a chance to watch it and it's pretty nice footage. Grattan looks yummy. :D Btw, that JFK "Whiplash" song has been in my CD player foreeeevvveeer now--good pick. :p

Oh also, if you really wanna see this, IM me or something and maybe I can arrange to send it to ya, although it'd probably take a while 'cause my DSL upload speed isn't all that.
link is deader than Ted Williams Frozen Head!!!
edited the link, give it another shot
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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