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Got bugs? Heres a quick way to get them off...

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Another amazing discovery for me tonight...the front of the bike was more bugs than bike, so I set out to clean them off. Discovered that Westley's Bleachwhite makes a quick and easy job of taking them off. Spray it on, wait one minute, and rinses those stuck and baked on bugs right off! I started to spray the whole bike down with it, and it looks showroom new now. I would avoid hitting guages and stuff you can easily clean normally with it, but for wheels, suspension, and engines, it really does the trick!
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yep that stuf works great to clean your tires and doesn't make them slippery. but it will dry them out but at the rate we chew them up doesn't matter. for my car I add a tire wetter (I forget the name) gives the glossy look and conditions the tire a bit to offset the "Damage" from the bleach right. Good combination.

Note: it does a great job but will damage blacktop, make sure to rinse the driveway when done.
It also takes the wax off. So rewax it when your done.
Try Lemon Pledge... That works great on bugs and does not strip wax.. In fact it leaves it shiny and new !!! I use it all the time and have been using it to clean every part of my bike including the tank.. for the wheels I use wheel cleaner or WD-40 and than I go over them with the PLEDGE...
i use oven off....i let it sit for like 30 minutes then rinse...the funny thing is some paint came off:( wonder why that happened?
dad and i used oven off to remove custom painted-on pinstripes on his new (repo) truck to get rid of the old (personal) names.
so does this mean that i'm the only one who uses the Honda spray/polish???? its under $5 a can, the can is good for a ton of uses, and it shines the shit out of your bike!

they actually use Honda spray on the little airplanes also. I just learned that last week from a friend of mine that flies.
Honda spray polish is the shiznit...anyone know where you can get the stuff dirt cheap...$6 for a spray can doent sit right with me.
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