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Grattan Track Day

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Andy George has some spots open for July 22nd at Grattan. He is requiring track experience and an intermediate to advanced level of riding. Sorry, no noobs (according to Andy).

There is a $50 deposit. You can get all the details from him by emailing him at [email protected]

There are a limited number of spots and this is being rented out by Andy himself. So, no control riders, no break in sessions, and passing anywhere.

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Anyone else interested in this?
Just how much track experience is considered enough? I crashed on a track once...:laughing

Seriously though, is one track day good?
You'll have to ask Andy George. Email him. He responds back fairly quickly.

I sent him a e-mail this morning. I haven't heard back yet.
It's the same day as a Blackhawk LP Sport Rider track day. I'll have to wait and see, maybe if I can still get in at the last minute...
I just sent Andy my deposit through Paypal.

Come on Jack.
BHF = boring... you've done it a million times.
Gratton = fun as hell. Always something new to try. Besides, I'm not sure about photo's but it's a awesome spectator track.
Damn. I'd totally be down for this if I wasn't already taking a bunch of time off the week before and after this date for BHF and RA....
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