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Officers Bert and Ernie along with Sgt Big Bird raided Grovers party with the aid of the Muppet Show S.W.A.T. team. Grover, while being hauled off, was screaming, "It was Oscars fault Snuffleufflgus OD'ed on the cookies from teh Cookie Monster not ME!!!". While Grover was being put into the squad, he started to struggle so he was maced by Sgt Big Bird and billy clubbed byt Off. Bert and Ernie. Charges are aiding and abeiting the trafficing of cookies, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace and assaulting a aveiry officer. Grover coul dface up to 25yrs in prision and a $1.00 fine.

Also arressted included

Oscar the Grouch for cookies possession
Cookie Monster for dealing cookies
Ms Piggy for Pork Prostitution
Elmo for beasitality
The Count for lewd and lavisous behavior

BTW sorry I couldnt make it. Just didnt have the cash to take a trip there. Get paid on monday though.:(
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