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I am a bit confused...

There is an AMOCO on RT 20 (North Side of street) and Bartlett Road.... I was looking it up via MAPQUEST and there is 2 intercessions for RT/Bartlett road - one in Hanover Park and one in Bartlett.

Can someone tell me using the attached maps.... on which intersection is the AMOCO gas station? in which town?

This is Bartlett, IL

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All this work and I just figured it out I think... it's #1 in Bartlett, because I take Elgin O'Hare out there.....


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I dont know which way you are going to go , but,
If you take 59, which is sutton you take that north get off on 20, which is lake, take 20 east, take that to bartlett rd. and its right there on the corner

If you take barrington rd. take that north to 20 go west on 20 to bartlett rd.

if you take Irving park rd. take that nortwest untill you hit bartlett rd. make a left on bartlett rd. you'll be going north take that to 20 amaco is on your left

ps: you wont get lost, I work in that area

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