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It's my little girls big day today.
1 year old!
I am spending the day with her... Don't really have any errands that she can't go with on, so she is coming with me.. Yea for car rides! :)
Maybe we'll stop by Petco for a toy or two :)




I just took the now picture while I was writing this post...
She is in crazy play mode... Was really hard to take the picture as she kept trying to get next to me while I was taking the picture to look thru the lens (lens has min focus distance of 1.6')

I had to sit up and get her to "sit" to get a shot

So... 1 year.. Does that make her a dog?
What is the cut off?
I know she isn't acting like a dog... She has been gathering all her toys and shaking them and pushing them into my legs or if I sit with her setting them in front of me and taking them back...

Think she is having a fun day.. and this weekend she is going to spend the night at Joe's house (my friend we are having the benefit for) she loves his youngest son and his son (LJ - Little Joe) wants us to spend every weekend there so he can play with her....

and on Sunday it's my little nephews B-day party so she is going to get to go play with her cousins!

All in all a very Izzy weekend! :cheers:

BTW... Just a reminder.. Anyone who cares to join is invited to the benefit...
Hate to keep reminding.. But I'd love to meet some of you (especially those of you who made it out to ride him off)...

You still coming Cerk?


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Are you throwing your dog a B-day party? I'd sooooo be down for that.
Wife wants to (this is what happens when you don't have kids yet.. Your dog gets spoiled and becomes a child replacement) :)

I said we could combine it with Seans party since most of her friends and family will already be there...

Maybe we could have another party..

Cuz everybody know's a dog party will just end up being a bunch of adults drinking and the pup running around sniffing everyones crotches :lmao:

Anyone else interested?
Where best to do it?
Doggie park or If it's small.. maybe my place or my old place...


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Surprise! My very first post at this forum happens to be on one for Izzy... who happens to be passed out on the couch because daddy played with her all day and her mommy is too tired to play with her. Happy Birthday Iz... well... was over a few minutes ago.

luv ya,

ur wife
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