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Just wanted to say hello to everyone and to get that friendly (I hope) :twofinger welcome that you all flash out to the new tenants... Still wonderin why wave :twofinger though :hmmm oh well whatever works, lets go out riding :biker
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Welcome to the site buddy :twofinger :twofinger (traditional greeting)
Welcome aboard:twofinger
:twofinger WELCOME :twofinger

Hi there..

Looks like all the smilies ain't working :D

I still get a kick out of my avatar.

My whiteboard at work has a map of Blackhawk Farms drawn on it. I even put the swamp in there!

Whoa.. this is so off topic

GroverSV650S said:
You said welcome half an hour ago, dumbass! ;) :D Anyhow, I'm looking forward to the 7th, too, woohoo! P.S. I cleaned my bike today--so [email protected]$ MMM! [email protected]
:twofinger WELCOME :twofinger
:p Thank you... Thank you... For the :twofinger welcome, that was different.
?'s That tuesday's Strats bike night were everybody just hangs out still a weekly on-going? and also I am in the Naperville/Bolingbrook area does anyone out from here meet somewhere first then ride to Strats? and where? Thanks and see you all very soon and last :twofinger :p I can get use to this...
:twofinger Welcome to the board :twofinger

I think some people may meet up at the Gas City on Weber Rd. by I-55.
:twofinger Welcome Aboard :twofinger
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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