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Helmet damage?

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I have some really faint scracthes on my helmet and was wondering how to tell if it is OK or should be replaced. I'll have to take a picture to describe it, but they look like real faint streaks spaced an inch apart. ALmost like sand or very small pepples ran acrross it. I don't remember hitting my head except for the SWAT roll or two I did to avoid a faceplant. :rolleyes

I've got a SHOEI RF-900....does SHOE offer any kind of integrity check?

Just in case I need to replace....where's the best/cheapest place to buy a SHOEI?
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I would think it should be fine with just minor scratching, but to be safe I've heard that ERs will take an X-Ray of it for you to check.
WHat would I look for? A crack...a hole...?
what ever you do forward the info on to Jeff w/ a J Think he has some helmet damage as well. Sounds the same.
Shoei has an address on their website where you can send helmets for inspection to see if they're still roadworthy. I was looking into this after my accident with the deer. Just decided to screw it and keep it around as an occasional passenger helmet and I picked up a new RF900 from Helmet Harbor
dude that 900 is tough as hell..i dropped mine 4 times and smashed a guys nose in with it.

just apply pressure to all the a inward press with both arm and listen for cracks...from the sounds of yours...its NOTHING
Thanks Ernie...I remembered SHOEI offered something like that. I'm sending mine out tomorrow to be sure. $269 is not bad for a solid RF-900. Do you know if they shields are the same for the newer models? I have three shields I don't want to waste for my old RF-900.

Which lid did you get anyway?

How is the weight bench treating you....
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I won't be using it for at least two's free (less $10 shipping) and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

To save shipping costs, we can send in your conehead for inspection if you like :laughing
visors are pretty interchangeable on the Shoei helmets over the years. I got some from my old RF700 that I'm still using with my current RF900
nahh its ok...i know my helmet is ok...besides...i got my leather helmet as my back up;)
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