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I know this guy personally and have partied and riden with him up in Elkhart Lake during the Superbike races. He's a good dude and a very good stunt rider. Send your prayers out to him.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Help Ryan S. " width="468" height="60" border="1"></a>

Vertical Mischief's Ryan S. (Suchanek) was hit head on by a car on Friday, October 5th 2007 at just before 2:45pm. This accident happened in Ryan's home town of Milton, Wisconsin and he was transported by a helicopter to University Hospital with internal and massive leg injuries. As I write this, Ryan is in stable condition, and responsive to doctors orders.

Ryan S has suffered a lot of major injuries including internal chest and brain bleeding. This bleeding is said to be minor and we're not in danger of losing Ryan. Ryan also has many fractures including a broken clavicle, and a compound fracture of the femur (all left leg). These breaks are only the beginning of Ryan's troubles. Ryan Suchanek had his left foot severed off in the crash and the doctors were unable to re-attach it. Ryan S. is just beginning a long battle that is going to be very hard on him but
as of the reports from the doctors, in the long run, hes going to be ok.....without a left foot. When Ryan wakes up hes going to need positivity. He'll be reading all his messages and he'll see how much he means to the stunting community.

The following is updated information as of Saturday evening...

According to Ryan's dad, he is doing well considering how much worse he could be.....

His eyes are responsive to light, and when the doctors yell his name he responds, they told him to open his eyes and he could hear them and they could tell he was trying to obey their commands but he couldnt, same when they told him to give them thumbs up.

The doctors put a tube into Ryan's lungs to see if he had any fluid on them and there is none so thats a good sign. They also cut back his breathing machine so he breathes on his own which also is a great sign.

Doctors ran a test on his intestines and said that his bowel movments are all healthy and they are going to hopefully get him on a feeding tube, tomorrow or Monday, which will help him recover alot faster.

Greg (Ryan's father) wanted to tell everyone that came up the night of the crash that he is thankful you all were there.

Please visit Ryan's myspace page and send him your warm regards <> . Ryan's going to need to know that he's not alone. Knowing the stunting community is behind him will help him tremendously.

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Get better soon, Ryan!
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