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Hey Bears Fans....The Bears are in Town

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I'm not much of a fan myself, but if anyone is interested, the Bear training camp is about 1 mile from my apartment. Drop me a line if you want ot stop by. I can offer parking and directions.
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Cherry: Im down in Bourbonnais every friday morning. My first stop is at an agent which is a block away from Olivet. Im not going to go to camp this week, due to it being the first day, but I will be there next Friday.:cheers
I was also considering checking out camp - might take you up on that offer!
Feel free to drop me a line too. I'm not working right now, so if you take the day off to come down and see them let me know. Or if you are going to catch them in the evening, just stop by...and if you're anything like Mike (Cherrypicker) you'll time it just right for dinner :twofinger :laughing

My girlfriend owns a three bedroom ranch with attached garage and hot tub within a couple blocks of Olivet. Anyone looking to rent???

I'm definitely going.
My aunt lives across from Olivet next to the Mickey's the traffic really bad??
Looks like I'll be down neaar there the weekend of Aug 17 visitin Grandma and an Aunt in Urbana.
Why would they be traingin circus bears near your apartment?:jester :jester
Pure Blue, I don't know just how bad traffic will be, but as your aunt is located near the corner of route 45 and University, you will likely have a location that could be better than most for getting to the practice site. all I do know is that it takes little traffic for things to move really slowly on route 45.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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