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HEY does anyone have any pics of me from road america?

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well anyone....i think pete said he had 1 of me
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Shrek on a bike would be interesting.....:D
Yeah, I wanna see crash pics! ;) :p Didn't you crash like 4 times, Ody? :(
Neither was a crash.

i fell over...(NEVER DONE that before) i was trying to be nice and tilted alittle over to the LEFT...this guy was trying to squeeze by me going the other way....1 fucken left foot was lower then my right right foot was on the asphalt and my left on gravel...well sure enough my left foot was sliding out from the weight and slip, slip down i go.:D

but it didn't do anything but 3 tiny scratchs

The run off:

Coming into turn 5 I was heading in at atleast 130mpr....down hill off camber left. slamming the front brake and down shifting.

DOCHHHHHH SHITTT.....NO FRONT BRAKE...faded to almost here i was even went down an extra gear rear and the rear wheel was sliding then stuck....maybe doing 100 full tilt
and then went into a front and rear sliding from the pressure...i was leaned over so hard my knee was almost holding me up...while the peg was sparking pretty sparks...lmao
i ALMOST HAD IT...i road it till i went over that corner hump and as soon as i touched some dirt stood it up...and then ran into pee gravel...there i felt like quick sand, sinking and the front snapped left on me throwing me up and off the bike...after i stop sliding i got up and picked it up road back into the pits....GARTH was like WTF? happened...i told him squeeze my front break.,...OH SHIT HE SAID..,...and i road back.

I almost called it a day cause I wanted to tear the bike apart and find out why.

But I figure atleast change the fluid and go back out.

HERE IS THE PISSER...on our track day (SBN track day)
i had the same thing but pulled it off....i knew the break fluid needed to be changed as it was getting fried....BUT i never did:rolleyes

Well, anyway Ryan helped me bleed it and some dark rusty shit was coming out and then it got 200% better as the new fluid went in.

the fucked up part i was running so hard..a few sessions...there wasn't NO ONE behind us for a me and the head control leader was playing...haul ass like AMA stars...and i was even giving him the finger to go faster...lmao

Well, the last session of the day (the 1 after my breaks went out) I went back out lined up first and the same guy was there and said ...ahh Garth told me what happened...cause they wanted to move me to advanced...but I knew Garth asked me but I said no...its more fun passing up the guys for position...and he was like lets haul some ass.

And we did and everything was nothing happened...and again...we hauled so much one was behind us.

Here some high point...I was 1 of the few guys hitting 170mpr on the straight away, taking turn 1 at and average of 105mpr.

I forgot which turn it is..but going up hill left turn under a bridge...I got that turn down so good...(it was a blind haul ass of faith) I could pass up 7 guys at a time sometimes at the one spot...I carried so much speed into that turn...I was always drifting out to the access was assume!!!!

i tell ya anytime nesba does R.A. i am there like flint!!!!;)
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also too i forgot....i went off doing about 65-70mpr...nothing broke...just a touch sore but that went away in 20 minutes..lmao

i repainted my bike too...since i needed to paint a few panels...figured why not get a new look too.
(bright metallic silver)
ahh figured you'd paint the bike since its your "Business" and all. glad nothing broke and you had a blast. I do have 1 pic. Its kinda small but I'll give it to ya at BHF on the 6 and 7 of July.
cool thanks pete but i cant go then...wifes family comming over:mad

think you can scan it for me?
just pm me your address and I'll mail it to you. Its a 35mm print I already tried scanning them and they suck, the scanning I mean.
you are comming sunday for the ride right???? right???? right????

if so can ya bring it?

if not let me know ill send ya the addy
I doubt it. Wifey has lots on my schedule and I kinda need to make up for next weekend at BHF.
ahh man that sucks...but i know what ya mean...i had to have sex last night for 4 hours...for all the riding ive been doing latley (laughing smilely) roflmao

my addr is....
1 s. maytag box behind the dominicks
plainfield il, 60544

lol just kidding ill send it to you
rough isn't it.
Neither was a crash.

It was a crash :p

And the tipover in the staging area was frickin minute Ken's a couple bikes to my left ON THE BIKE WAITING,
next second he's pinned with THE BIKE ON HIM :D

You who loves ya Ken...

roflmao when i rolled over i felt like a turtle...lmao

but i purposly left my leg under to minimize damage;) wasnt nothing bro...i wasnt even was a stand still....and i let it down so soft it looked like slow motion.

and YES even i care for some plastic and paint when it comes to my bike (before the now FUCK IT....let it drop spin roll over and blow up....screw it in a crash . but as long as it looks good untill then....i care for my bike.;)

you failed to mention the other incidents when we talked the other day. I wonder why:rolleyes

As far as pictures, I'd send some to yo but they all seem to have holes in them hmmmmmmmmmmmm. That'll teach you to drop my account again. (oops!!! said that outloud):D :D :D :D
Crazy said:
As far as pictures, I'd send some to yo but they all seem to have holes in them hmmmmmmmmmmmm. That'll teach you to drop my account again. (oops!!! said that outloud):D :D :D :D
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