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HEY KRUZ..or anyone else that wants to box (get the shit smacked out of ya)

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hooligan is checking into this boxing joint...he says he knows a guy that can probably just get us in to box, all we need is just a mouth peice, so this sounds like its getting close...from the sounds of it...hooligans friend might bring some of his friends to box, (probably some BIG boxing mother fuckers..) i dont give a shit how big or how good, ill get some punchs in...hooligan says he is gonna tape the shit, cause its gonna be funny...(why do i get the feeling someones out to get my ass kicked?):evil

BRING IT!!:laughing

ANYWAY..just so you guys are clear....i will box what ever minute rounds are there...hopefully we can just make it 3 minute rounds...cause i know i am gonna get too, maybe just 3 minute rounds..since anyone who goes..and i know for a fact myself...are gonna be dieing from not doing this type of cardio work out.

anyway...thats the up date.

(man i hope i can control myself....ive never just boxed before) usually someone pisses me off ill get a few shots in, then ill start kneeing the basterd chocking his neck and smack it into the i gotta remember just to fight with my hands...its gonna be WEIRD:laughing

so lets do it.
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now I want a copy of that tape.
Three minutes is a long time if you are new to boxing.
i hear that...i plan to throw a shit load of punches for like 30 seconds and run away the rest of the

ALSO TOO anyone who video tapes the boxing..HAS TO GO IN the ring for a whimpy puss outs.

that includes you too hooligan;)
Seriously, 3 min. is going to seem like 10min. You might want to at least knock it down to 1:30 or 2 min.

I would video tape, but only if there was an inexperienced light weight to box...I don't want to mess up my pretty face (a la vcook):laughing

Doc said:
Seriously, 3 min. is going to seem like 10min. You might want to at least knock it down to 1:30 or 2 min.

I would video tape, but only if there was an inexperienced light weight to box...I don't want to mess up my pretty face (a la vcook):laughing

I'll fight you Chris. Sounds like fun. never had my ass kicked before. I'll at least try not to bite your ear off if I start losing.:thumbsup
Sweet! Now we just have to have this scheduled for a day I don't have anything already planned.

i need to quit smoking. 3 minutes dancing around is enough to tire me out, I can just imagine giving and taking punches the whole time too. shit.
We usually do 3 3-minute rounds...beleive me it feels like forever.

Im in...
ok maybe we'll do 2 minute round 3 rounds total.

sounds like we are getting a few more guy around here COOL

. i gotta tell ya though...i hope no one gets any hard feelings over personaly i REALLY dont think ill be hitting you guys that hard....for the simple fact is i know myself....if someone REALLY kicked my ass i would be alittle pissed after the fact and would want REVENGE....but i know if WE clsb members play around in there...i dont think its gonna be TOTAL world war 3 in the ring.

now maybe if 1 of hooligan friend of his freinds i never meet and never had to talk to and get to know like you guys and like the guy...well them as far as i am concerned my mentality is he just killed my mom and i have to destroy him:evil

its way easier fighting someone you dont know then it is a friend.

so remember guys no hard feelings.
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This I have to see!:laughing Can we spectate?
NO BODY BETTER BREAK MY NOSE..thats when ill get no stright shots to the nose. PLEASE :twofinger
mikey...come on and me are in the same weight class

wanna play...i promise not to hit you to hard. and i wont aim for the nose

ok so far we got


champ you want in?...(i got a feeling youll be kicking my ass with that long reach...ill have to work you on the inside and going for the nuts:laughing

DOH SHIT..i better make sure they got nut that would suck getting hit there by accident
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Is there going to be head gear?????????

Sorry to be a little whiney but I've got to protect my face a little. I used to do stuff like this with a friend that weighed about 130lbs and would kick the crap out of everyone. The guy was amazing, he had a black belt in three different martial arts and he was an awsome boxer. Unfortunately, I had some bad luck with five guys in a parking lot on Christmas Eve back in College. They didn't want to stop kicking me in the face even after I hit the ground out cold and crushed all the bones in and around all my sinus cavities. Doctor said if I take some more shots in the wrong way the left side of my face could droop alot more than it already does. I'm lucky its only a little bit now. But I got to protect a little so I'm wondering.:thumbsup
Head gear might be a good idea. At least it should be an option.

ill double check with hooligan...but i am almost postive there is head gear and gloves there all we gotta do is buy our own mouth peice.

no one hit brian in the face for medical reasons and who ever he fits, no face shots from him.;) thats fair
Have any of you actually taken a clean shot to the head with a 16oz glove? Head gear definitely...mouthpiece and cup too (for Ken's cheap shots:D).

Gloves are worn to protect the boxers hand. NOT to soften the blow.

I don't know about you guys, but this is a sport and workout for me. This is not a 1-time thing....I'd like to do it weekly. Seriously....if anyone thinks this is just a brawlfest and an opportunity to take a few swings...I WILL MAKE SURE THAT THEY GO HOME IN PAIN!

Brian....sorry bro, but I think you need to sit this one out. How can you expect anyone to not hit you in the face? Are we supposed to box your ears in? I am only throw so many bodyshots. Would you rather pee red for a few days. :D
good point out there..john...i too plan to do this weekly if i can live with just using my hands..(which i am pretty sure i can) never done this before. but yeah if someone comes out doing toughman fighting...then i'll say LETS LETS LETS GET IT ON....:evil
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