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hey, now... who be messin' with my title?

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<-------------------------------------------- vespa? :laughing
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did they. too lazy to go look so I post to see mine.
Mine's still good. I guess they correct the inaccurate ones.

So is VIDID1 Anna?:D
Michael said:

yes, VIVID1 is Anna

When did she change it from Sunny Delight?:D:D:D
Man Rob you oughta come in here a bit more. She changed when the site lost its data base. Her account was lost as Sunny Delight.
What's with my avatar???:confused
You dork......where you been. OOOPS!:eek:t
Streets of Squidfield regular???? WTF??

Ohh that hurts! specialy since ive never been there..

Damn web site gods!!! :mad :D
Crazy said:

You dork......where you been. OOOPS!:eek:t
Working dawg!!

So since I havent been around I get an avatar of a chic with bouncing boobs. Looks to be the work of Ken:laughing
Wasnt me :D had to be Ken
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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