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How to?????? Need advice.....

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If NE one could give me some advice on how to begin racing I would greatly appreciate it!!!!:D I've been wanting to get started for the longest time but I dont have all the info... I know I'll have to take a course and get a liscense and what not but, what about sponsers and transportation etc......

Any help would be greatful!!:)
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check out the track talk forum.

a bunch of folks are heading out to Blackhawk in Sept. Bring your bike for the *free* intro sessions and then see how things go from there...
Ernie is right on the money, best way to get started is to get on the track first and get some experience before you decide you want to be a racer. Also - here is a great Newbie FAQ about roadracing.
send a shout out to KBOlsen. she started racing and crashin:jester this year.
When in Sept. and what do I need to bring??? I've been looking for courses but I didn't know there were free ones......
goto NESBA they have a cople dates in September. the 20 & 21. you can go for free either day. but you only get 2 twenty minute sessions. They are at a controlled slower pace. But if your already interested, this is only going to fuel your interest more.

For the intro you only need to tape off the lights and signals and remove or tape your mirrors. Boots, gloves, 2 pairs of jeans, riding jacket, helmet and gloves required.

If you decide to bite the bullet for the day, your going to have to pay. Full leathers instead of the jeans and jacket. No other bike prep.

I'd recommend doing the day cause its real hard to get a taste then leave or watch others ride.
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